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Araf Hossain


ERP Solution Security Company

    About This ERP Solution have all the needs whatever they need. Such as: CRM, HRM, Payroll, Inventory, Accounts section etc.  We were 2 people who developed this project.  We used git for merging our code. Technology Used LARAVEL PHP  MYSQL BOOTSTRAP 4 AJAX & JQUERY 

    Invoice Project

      About This project is about Invoice service provider.  It’s work like a admin panel.  In this project have multiple users system.  Technology Used DJANGO PYTHON MYSQL BOOTSTRAP 4 JAVASCRIPT

      Lumina Dev

        About It just shows projects of a company (Portfolio). Technology Used PHP (OOP) MYSQL BOOTSTRAP 4 JAVASCRIPT

        DesignHub 3D

          About Provide Interior and Exterior design 3D floor plan and Furniture layout. Amazon products Google Adsense Technology Used WordPress

          Playing Hub

            About Gaming Review Gaming Tips Accessories Amazon products Google Adsense Technology Used WordPress

            Leaping Boundaries

              About It has online leadership education system. And a portfolio of team members. Technology Used Larvel Framework MYSQL Bootstrap 4 JAVASCRIPT AJAX

              Elite Shopper

                About It is a e-commerce website. Technology Used CS-Cart Payment Gateway Implementation.

                Capital Construction

                  About My work was integrate the front-end with the Django framework.  Civil Architecture Website. Technology Used Django Python HTML & CSS Bootstrap

                  Video Blogging

                    About Only videos can be uploaded in here.   I have just done the front-end. Technology Used HTML & CSS Bootstrap 4 JAVASCRIPT

                    Dark 2 Light

                      About We developed this website for Blind People. Blind people can open chrome browser with there voice command. Can listen books, poet, news or text.  There was a basic communication system. Technology Used PHP (OOP) MYSQL Bootstrap 4 JAVASCRIPT AJAX Talkify.js